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Books for Babes

  • Books for Babes is a literacy imitative aimed towards providing Feminist children’s books to at need communities, specifically teen parents, womxn’s shelters, and low income areas.

  • Books for Babes is a program created by Les Femmes Underground International (LEFUFF), a 501c3 Womxn’s Community Arts Program. LEFUFF, focuses on travelling to different low income communities and providing workshops aimed at body wellness, female empowerment, as well as, career resources and support to womxn and (* female identified individuals) in the arts.

  • Our initiative is to bring literacy to at need communities in the Southern California region, specifically Boyle Heights and the San Fernando areas. These communities struggle with single parent house holds with limited income and scare resources. We hope to bring the children in these regions empowerment and support via donations that help motivate young kids to take on any challenge they may encounter.

  • Our Goals

    • Our goal is to raise $25,000, so we can provide each child with a tote bag filled with feminist books, as well as, provide their parents with feminist empowerment and career oriented books. Our end goal is to create a literacy fair that highlights and celebrates feminist children’s authors, feminist illustrators, and feminist children’s filmmakers. Our goals is to spread literacy and feminism to both parent and child as a way to help empower and motivate both individuals.

    How to Support

    • In order to make this possible we need community support to help spread the word, volunteer their time, or make either a one time or monthly donation in order to raise funds for this effort.

    About the Organization

    • Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival (LEFUFF) is an official womxn's charity and educational based 501c3 non-profit and is the ONLY traveling organization that showcases exclusively feminist experimental art and narrative work.  

    • Our organization prides itself in going beyond the festival by assisting at need communities through art and education. We provide a vital role in community enrichment and support though various philanthropic drives and events, including Books For Babes, a literacy initiative that focuses on bringing feminist children's books to under-represented communities nation wide.

    • LEFUFF also provides financial assistance and support to womxn and female identified artists attempting to acquire film distribution and career enhancement.

    We’re not just a festival, we’re a movement.

    Helping spread literacy and feminist empowerment one book at a time.

    Please Support Us and become a Monthly Community Partner via our Patreon.

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