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Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival

Arizona Underground Film 

Festival Programmer

Mondo Cult Film

Festival Programmer

Phoenix Center for the Arts | Sept 1st, 2018 | $15 | 1:30pm-11:30pm

Ticketing Pricing Includes: Entrance, Raffle Tickets, as well as, Reception.

Boston Underground

& MassIFF Programmer

Phoenix Film

Festival Programmer

Worldwide Women's Film Festival Programmer

Women in Horror

Festival Programmer

Phoenix Center for the Arts is a historic building located in downtown Phoenix well-suited to provide art, music and performing arts classes and programs. The facility, known to most as the Phoenix Center for the Arts or The Center, is managed by the Phoenix Center Arts Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Mission: Their mission is to provide the community with the opportunities to participate in the visual and performing arts through creative and affordable quality programming. The Phoenix Center Arts Association now offers online registration for classes year round.


Free Parking Next to Theatre

1202 N 3rd St, Phoenix, Arizona 85004

 Schedule of Film Program & Events

Immerse yourself in Fourth Wave feminism!

We invite you to join us as we premier our Third Annual Festival at the Phoenix Center for the Arts in Arizona. Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival (LEFUFF) is the ONLY travelling festival that showcases exclusively feminist experimental art and narrative work.

Let us lead you into the underground world of feminist inter-sectional art, music, and celluloid fantasies. LEFUFF invites you to take a cinematic adventure that destroys the meaning of mundane with its unique programming. Les Femmes Underground International film festival features films from over 30 different countries ranging in genres from Documentary, Experimental, Narrative, Horror, Female Sexuality, and our own concoction Psychotropic.

This year's theme is fantasy and lore. As we delve into the fantastical world of mysticism and weaved tales of old, we welcome you to step into a realm between the thin fabric of reality and femme-chantment. Our films will transport you into another world and time where anything is possible. Let us guide you on a journey you are sure to remember. Spellbinding is guaranteed!

Red Carpet Event - 6:00 p.m.

Memorialize the evening with the glamorous Red Carpet Event. Get your picture taken against our festival backdrop and network before the evening festivities.  Grab  a cocktail or two prior during our event. Check out local artist exhibits and vendors on the historic Phoenix Art District Strip. 


Babe Council Pop-Up  3:00PM

Empowering Women

Babe Council is a non-partisan organization that educates and empowers women to be more community and civic-minded through social activism and altruism. Think of them as Girl Scouts for grown-up: adult conversations, an action that betters the city, and a little booze. The organization works out of Galvanize, a co-working space for startups in the Warehouse District.

Babe Council began in August of 2017 after being inspired by the Women’s March that took place after the election. The founders of the group are Anjuli Morse, Amanda Stolee, and Lindsey Parsons.

Babe Council: Our mission is to democratize and normalize altruism and activism because we believe that doing good stuff for other women and our community could be a regular part of every babe’s day-to-day vibe, if they were only shown how and given the opportunity... We have so much more to contribute than just the money we make.

Go with the Flow

A local initiative that provides menstrual products to students in Tucson, Phoenix, and neighboring metropolitan areas. Go With the Flow has provided schools in Tucson and Phoenix and neighboring areas with period packs, which are small bags that contain tampons and sanitary napkins.

Go With The Flow believes making period packs available is important because no student should have their education disrupted by the anxiety that can arise from not having access to essential menstrual items which can result in lower productivity in the classroom or worse, missing school altogether.  Menstruation should not stop education. Period.

When a student at a participating school needs menstrual supplies, they can approach various school staff to obtain a period pack. Schools can contact Go With The Flow for additional packs whenever they are running low, helping to ensure a continuous supply of menstrual hygiene products for students at no cost to the school.For lower income or homeless students menstrual hygiene products can be an extra burden if they or their families are not able to afford their costs.





Guest Judge: David Pike

Arizona Underground Film Festival

Kuo's EyesO.B. De Alessi 


After suffering a brutal attack, eight year old Kuo is found in the woods without his eyes. With the help of his stuffed animal Bainfu, whose bright red eyes Kuo uses as a guide, he sets off on a journey to find the mysterious faceless woman who stole his sight from him. Shot entirely inside an abandoned church in my hometown – a small city in the north of Italy – Kuo’s Eyes is entirely self-produced and self-made. (01:00)

Oasis - Karla Badillo


Marion is a beatiful and strong woman. She is used to be worshiped by man. She awaits in a surreal desert landscape where she answers an unexpected call. The words on the other side of the line encourage her to fol- low a group of woman that walk towards an oasis. When she arrives, she nds out how the woman end up belong- ing to the desert man. Terri ed, she manages to escape but, betrayed by her vanity, Marion hands over her destiny.

Producer Maria Jose Cordova   (06:21)

Palace of the Infinite  - Kathy Rose

United States

A rich tapestry of Orchid beings… Haunting the Palace of the Mind,,,the breathing rain whispers. Performers: Kathy Rose, Katarina Poljak, & Liang Yu (04:23)  

Are you Tired of Forever? -  Caitlin Craggs

United States

A surreal montage of selfdom in a lensed world. We start in transit and end in the boudoir. Tea and light snacks will be served. Voice and Translation: Babsi Re-recording Mixer: Pin-Hua Chen (06:06)

The Golden People - Victoria Garza


Mockumentary about BJ Annie, the founder of the Golden People. A movement which claims that you can live without eating and reach a higher level as a human being.


3:15 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.




Guest Judge: Eva Louis

The Worldwide Women's Film Festival

Juliette - Lora D'Addazio


Juliette is a shy girl terrified to catch a ride with two horny bitches that aren't paying any attention to the road… Cast: Sarah Lefèvre, Sarah Messens & Eve Louisa Oppo

Credits design and Typography: Garine Gokceyan & Florence Dolle (06:37)

The Kid Who Drowned at Summer Camp - Marianna Hersko

United States 

A child is dropped off at summer camp by her parents. She is forced to face the hormonal and emotional tornado of puberty on her own. She sees things differently than the people around her. (03:40)

Viscera - Lauren Morrison

United States

By referencing the human body and the absurdity of high society manners, Viscera examines the disconnect between food and source, rich and poor, and the intentional ignorance that allows exploitation to flourish.


Sparky - Xinbaonuzi  心宝努子   

United States / China

Sparky likes to gaze out of the window, to see every possible or impossible thing.


Amarillo Spain - Ana Perez Lopez

United States / Spain    

This fruit has been part of our cultural history for centuries and is now threatened by extinction through mono-cropping and a looming epidemic. Ana Pérez López lets us take part in her internet expedition to explore the fate of the Gros Michel banana with alert humor. (04:28)

Adam - Evelyn Jane Ross

United States

In the beginning of them, She created us. (02:27)

Wild Woman - Vanessa Sweet

United States

Wild Woman is an animated poem to mankind which invokes current world issues such as drone-strikes and religious persecution in a plea for empathy. Scenes transform and melt as the animator also explores her personal struggle of becoming a mother and identifying as such. Watercolor imagery blooms before the eyes, echoing the author's thoughts and fears of our current social and political climate.. (03:43)

Tampon - Alexandra Neuman

United States  

The film explores the metaphorical significance of the tampon: a phallic item inserted into the vagina that is introduced to pubescent women as sort of a rite-of-passage into taking control over their bodies and concealing the messy biological realities of being female.   


Las Del Diente - Ana Pérez López

Spain / United States   

Girls are weird. Babies are weird. Bodies are extra weird. “Las del diente” is a film about now, a time when women are tired to choose between having kids and their careers. Days in which anomalies in the reproductive system are celebrated instead of stigmatized. Color: Ana Pérez López + Gaby Escobar Sound design: Laura Sofía Pérez (06:56)

Bang Bang - Jackie Droujko    


Two girls sick of the daily grind thieve their way to riches. The duo strikes big, but will they bite more than they can chew? (01:20)  

Super Science Friends - Episode 3 "Nobel of the Ball" - Laurel Dalgleish


The gang of super-powered scientists, including Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud and Tapputi lead by Winston Churchill face off with their arch rivals, the Nazis! After losing at the Nobel Prize Awards, the Nazis become determined to steal every Nobel Prize ever, but the last two on their list belong to Marie Curie. Producer: Morghan Fortier SFX Editors: Kristi McIntyre, Lois Medd Designers: Caitlin Major, Katie Jones Compositor: Caitlin Major Editor: Caitlin Major Animation Lead: Larissa Melnik Animators: Alina Tysoe, Danielle van Eeden, Katie Jones, Laura Van Moere, Natalie Brunka Cast/Marie Curie: Hedy Gregor (17:00)

Super Fun Show, with Learning! - Lexie Kahanovitz

United States

A sci-fi kids show for adults about how we're broke and inheriting a mess the size of a planet. All of the electronics are characters who have their own agendas about how to help. Half animated and half live-action, Super Fun Show is Pee Wee's Playhouse meets Tim and Eric with some Videodrome thrown in. (12:13)

4:30 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.



 Guest Judge: Deborah Hildebrandt

Phoenix Film Festival


Skjemt Blod - Gwenmarie White
United States

A orchestral black metal adaptation of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” takes advantage of the tension between the sounds and images of pop culture and metal culture to call attention to larger aspects of violence and and pleasure. (6:04)

Keiu - Juuli Linneo  


Keiu is a dreamy short film of depressed Selma whose life is divided in two. She is wasting away at her work in a terrible telemarketing office; while sharing an eccentric home with her fairy-like sister. One by one Selma's colleagues try to shake her back into the land of the living - but do they succeed? (14:32)  

Polly - Cassiah Joski-Jethi  

United Kingdom

Set in a society where young women must learn to dress and act like their ‘she’ (a doll), one girl, Polly, doesn’t quite fit and goes on a journey to find herself. The film is the directorial debut by award nominated writer/director Cassiah Joski-Jethi. (12:19)

Large Soldier - Noa Gusakov


It's 1973, war time in Israel, and all that 15 year old Sherry wants is a boyfriend. A letter exchange with an unknown soldier makes her believe that it's going to be her first love. But what will happen when the imaginary soldier becomes real? (22:50)

Wild Dances - Bina Bhattacharya


When Ruslana wins the Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine in 2004, this sets off

an unbelievable chain of events on the other side of the world. The lives of a shy,

closeted Australian gay boy and a spirited, Ukrainian-Australian girl are forever

fused as they share a moment of freedom in their conservative, rural small town.

Writer : Bina Bhattacharya  Producer :  EV Moore (14:18)  

Lolly Bomb - Little Big

Russia Federation

It’s all about the story of Kim Jong Un and his burning love for a nuclear warhead. It may be satirical, but the main topic of this music video is the serious problem of North Korea.


RECEPTION - 6:00pm-7:30pm

Drinks, hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, desserts

Musical Guests

It's Embarrassing - |Alexis - Drums |Allison- Guitar|Kelsey - Bass Guitar |

Their music is a rollercoaster of traded vocals, hard drums, sometimes surfy guitar, and always a good time. Conjuring riot grrrl legends Bratmobile and no-holds-barred Bikini Kill, they tackle serious issues of depression and mental illness with a fast and intense fury.

Catering is provided by our amazing Sponsors Wildflower Bread Company

Award-winning food you knead®. Handcrafted artisan bread, specialty bakery, soup, sandwiches, salad, pancakes and pasta.

7:00 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.

showcase b.1


Guest Judge: Dede Crimmins

Programmer for Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

Boston Underground Film Festival Social Media Manager



The programming that follows contains adult rated X material such as nudity, suggestive content, and language not suitable for individuals under the age of 18…

Entropia - Marinah Janello

United States

Loneliness and an obsession with vanity has pushed one woman to take unconventional measures to find happiness. After her daily beauty regimen she decides to perform more drastic procedures on her body which trigger her inner thoughts to drive her mad. (14:54)

Sunrider -  Chloe Rossetti

United States

SUNRIDER explores the lives of a group of earth’s survivors, living regenerative lifeways on a pregnant terraformed asteroid earthship called AURORA, one of five of its kind. A refugee AI program, also called AURORA, forms the godlike embodied consciousness of this earthship.   (04:15)

Queen Kong - Monica Stambrini


A smartly-dressed man and woman are trying to have sex behind a tree. In the distance is the music of a party. She’s beautiful and he’s too drunk and the persistent ringing of his phone breaks the mood. The interlude goes unconsummated, until Queen Kong steps in.

Produced by Le Ragazze del Porno A collection of author porn short films directed by Italian women filmmakers Actress: Valentina Nappi, Janina Roudenska Editor: Paola Freddi Costume Designer: Antonella Cannarozzi  Assistant Director: Berenice Vignoli (20:00)

Hers & History - J.P. Hanson

United States

Hers & History is an 8 part web series starring Lindsey Shaw (Pretty Little Liars), Mike Bailey (Skins), Nina Ljeti, and Pano Tsaklas. A sexy comedic web series following a couple’s decision to be honest about their sexual past. Producer Jackie Ryan Director of Photography Cristina Dunlap (05:40)      

BFF Girls - Brian Lonano

United States

Three dorky American girls magically transform into beautiful Japanese Superheroes and fight a tampon monster as they begin their journey into womanhood.

Producer Jill Gevargizian Co-Writer Victoria Cook  Editor Inëz Czymbor  Costume Designer Toniet Gallego  Make Up Designer Robyn "Fluffy" Casey Choreographer Samantha J. McDonald Colorist Andrea Kiefer Creative Consultant  Naoko Masuda (Credited as Bacon Turtle in the film) (13:38)

8:15 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.


Death becomes her

 Guest Judge : Heidi Honeycutt

Mondo Cult Film Festival

Etheria Film Night

How to Get Caught - Toy Lei

United States

Three thieves hoping for their last big score discover their prize comes with unexpected consequence. Director of Photographer Cricket Peters Associate Prod/First AD Jenna Payne Gaffer Rachel Wells

Cinderella: A Feminist Fairytale -  Keith Andreen

United States

Cinderella: A Feminist Fairy Tale spins an old patriarchal story on its head. Women supporting women, protest, and a new sort of Prince Charming are just some of the updates. But don't blink, when we say short film we mean short. Producers Jennifer Sorenson & Theresa Langhaar Writer Katy Tyszkiewicz Story by Katy Tyszkiewicz & Lily Rains Production Designer Carla Rugg Costume Designer Brianne Gillen First Assistant Director Juliette Beavan Hair and Makeup Karishma Ahluwalia, Katie Marquardt Actors Lily Rains, Matisha Baldwin, & Mary O’Malley. (03:59)  

Wedlocked - Puppett

United States

Set before the June 2015 SCOTUS ruling for marriage equality, Wedlocked is a farcical comedy taking on the ridiculous laws that governed gay divorce. Sydney and Cameron are a happily engaged couple looking forward to their big day, but there's one obstacle: Sydney is still married to Lisa and, since their home state won't recognize their marriage, a divorce is impossible. (11:38)

Murder for Dummies - Diona Okunbo

United States

Lydia is Barbie's high school best friend. Drew is Barbie's douchebag boyfriend. Barbie has to convince her best friend to help her kill her boyfriend.  Executive Producer Christina Shaver Co-Producer Camille Grant Production Designer Danya Jimenez 1st AD Alyssa Wilden (08:43)

Maw Kitty - Ian Lynch 

United States

Bold and unbridled Maw Kitty enlists her colorful friends to help solve the mystery of a post-coital "death". (11:21)    

Waste - Justine Raczkiewicz

United States

Roger lives a grim and detached life, picking up medical waste for a living, but looks forward to his evening conversations with his quirky roommate and foodie, Olive. But as the meals ...  (15:51)

Lunch Ladies - A Clarissa Jacobson Production Directed by JM Logan

United States

Two burnt out high school Lunch Ladies do whatever it bloody takes on their quest to become Johnny Depp's personal chefs. Producer: Shayna Weber, Editor: Amelia Allwarden, Set Design: Alicia Ho, Make Up: Devon Gold, Sound Mixer: Kirbie Seis, Boom Operator: Sara Bravo, Script Supervisor: Mariana Marcano, Ballet Choreographer : Rebecca Ruschell, Hip Hop Choreographer: Monika Felice Smith, Food Stylist: Susan Boyle, Production Coordinator Estelle Matranga, DIT: Luqi Zhao. (18:51)

8:15 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.



 Guest Judge: Sam Kolesnik

Women in Horror Film Festival

Simple Procedure - Kayden Phoenix & Charlie Phoenix

United States

Polina goes to the hospital for a simple medical procedure. As she's given anesthesia and asked to count backwards from ten, things become awry. Polina fights but she's on the verge of passing out and by then it's too late. (01:42)

The Doll House -  Kyra Gardner

United States

A filmmaker who grew up alongside the Chucky doll finally meets the other families surrounding the Chucky franchise. They discuss what it was like to work on these films and the relationships they've created. Although the films took creators away from their families, they were able to create one large horror family in the meantime. (07:32)

Instinct - Maria Alice Arida

 United States

A psycho-sexual thriller about Isabelle, a lonely gallery owner who meets a dangerously seductive performance artist and discovers they have more in common than expected. Will Isabelle allow herself to let Camila in without giving in to her true nature?   Writer: Rosita Lama Muvdi, Cinematographer: Hannah Getz , Production Designer: Jubilate Cox  Actress: Christine Kellogg-Darrin & Jordan Monaghan (18:00)

Rainy Season - Vanessa Wright

United States

Based on the story by Stephen King, Rainy Season follows a young couple on their way to the small town of Willow, ME.  They are warned by the locals to leave, yet ignore the warnings and stay to learn the horrific price the town must pay for prosperity.  The rainy season has come back to Willow and when it rains...they pour. Executive Producer: Samantha Kolesnik Producers:  Stephanie Wyatt & Kathy Oliver Special Make-up effects: Nadine Al-Remaizan Boom Operator/Post Sound mix:  Leah Puffenberger Camera Assistant:  Amy Wray Script Supervisor:  Susan Boone Teaser/Trailer Editor:  Emily Breault Production Assistants:  Annalily Moretz & Karla Palacio (13:04)      

Satanica - Vivienne Vaughn

United States

A psychiatrist is summoned to treat a famed former singer, and begins to discover she may not be who she appears to be


From Hell, She Rises - Ama Lea

United States

A pair of sultry vampires abduct a girl from her home on behalf of a deranged cult leader. However, the undead duo seem to have motives of their own. (07:58)      


In Step - Shebana Coelho

India / United States

Synopsis: A newly married Indian-American couple are on a trek in a wilderness that he knows. Suddenly, she stops following him and goes her own way. What follows is a journey into the dark, through her past in India and encounters with the true nature of humans and other animals.


About the Author: Shebana Coelho is a writer and director, originally from India, now living in New Mexico. She received a Fiction Fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts,  a Fulbright grant to Mongolia and a James T. Yee Mentorship award from the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) for the short film, Ghosts, based on her original short story. Her documentary work has been broadcast on American Public Television, National Public Radio, The Discovery Channel, and BBC Radio Four and has received a Telly award and a South Asian Journalists' Association (SAJA) Best Documentary Award. Her poems, stories and articles have appeared in numerous US and international journals such as Slice, Chronogram, Al Jazeera America, Tinderbox Review and Best Women's Travel Writing, vol. 10, among others. 

Happy Ever After (幸せに) - Panta Mosleh


Synopsis: Paniz and Miyuki form an immediate bond and, over time, end up falling in love with each other. Thus beginning a secret relationship and embarking on an emotional rollercoaster of a journey. The two star-crossed lovers must navigate the intensity of their new emotions and all the joy, messiness, and heartache that comes with them.


About the Author: Panta a UVic Bachelor of Arts graduate, has performed on shows such as iZombie, Bates Motel, Arrow, Flash,well as some Hallmark & Lifetime TV Movies. She's also worked behind the scenes on several big-budget TV Shows, MOW’s & commercials as a Production Coordinator. She has independently produced award winning short films & music videos, Associate Produced on Canada’s first Transgender Sitcom,“The Switch”which aired on Out TV & Revry, an LGBTQ streaming service.
Her first ever project was “A day in a Life of a Japanese Highschool Girl”, currently on Youtube with more than 468K views.

Cherry Glazed - Christine Sherwood

United States

Synopsis: A crime boss is forced to get her hands dirty to clean up her subordinates mess when they fail to handle a job.


About the Author: Christine Sherwood was born in New Jersey and grew up in California. After working 5 years as an assistant at Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, she went on to graduate from the London Film School with an MA in Filmmaking. Her graduation film from London Film School, LASHES, went on to screen at around thirty film festivals, nominated, and honored to win numerous awards, and written about in a few publications.Her interests in stories are always piqued by realistic storytelling which revolves around the unexpected underbelly of raw emotions regardless of genre.

Scary Lucy - Sheila Schroeder

United States

Synopsis: After seeing a grotesque statue dedicated to her comedic idol, Lucille Ball, a risk averse comedienne with breast cancer makes it her mission to destroy Scary Lucy.


About the Author: Sheila has screened her films at nearly 100 film festivals across the globe. Starting in documentary film production, her films focused on a variety of topics, from building confidence in girls through international basketball competition, to LGBTQ rights to grasshoppers in mustard greens. At the core of these docs is a desire to see how we can learn to live together in peace and harmony. Her day job for the last 21 years is as a film professor at the University of Denver where she started Project DU F.I.L.M. (film initiative linking mentors). This mentorship program connects alumni and students who work side-by-side to produce short films in Colorado.

VIVA!! - Renee Rubio

United States

Synopsis: A young, ambitious girl decides to take on the world of human trafficking to find her friend. Fearless and focused she infiltrates a global menagerie of evil. Her crusade against slavery becomes a fight for her own freedom and her life.


About the Author : Lives in a small town with a big dream that one day her characters will come to life.

THE CHARACTER - Episode 1.01: "Pilot" - Emily Ann Scott

United States

Synopsis: The Character, an original half-hour comedy pilot by Emily Ann Scott, is about one woman's on-again/off-again love affair with herself. Laura Becker is a 20-something actress with an "unconventional look" - which is to say, she doesn't fit the Hollywood standard of tall, thin, and beautiful. Despite this, her confidence seems sky-high - if a little abrasive. But the truth is, all the bullshit she absorbs every day takes a toll. Laura talks a big game, but there's only so far her thick skin can take her, especially when she spends all her time with her perfect, beautiful best friend, Kelly. The Character is about one character actress and her friends, and their individual journeys toward self-acceptance.

About the Author: Emily Ann Scott is an award-winning actress, writer, and filmmaker currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has written and produced several short films, including "The Moments", "Mixing In", and "After". Her science fiction short, After, was accepted to several festivals and her original comedy pilot, The Character, was recently named a Semi-Finalist in the Los Angeles Cinefest, among other distinctions. She recently wrote and starred in the forthcoming REPRESENT, a 12-episode comedy web series about women in film.



Relaxing Rituals ASMR - Ariel Hansen

Tired after a stressful day at work? Need some self care? Selena has the answer for you with her 360 degree relaxation ritual to help you lose your body and mind with some ASMR tingles. You may become so relaxed you never find yourself again.


How to Get Caught - Toy LeiCinderella_ A
How to Get Caught - Toy LeiCinderella_ A
How to Get Caught - Toy LeiCinderella_ A
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