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“LEFUFF, was born in hopes of creating an intersectional haven for female and female identified artist and filmmakers...Our dream is to travel to different communities and plant the seed of change throughout the world.”
Edda Manriquez - Founder
"An aroma of unification loitered in the air, each film’s feminist-fueled message beautifully colliding with the feminist viewers themselves to craft a community of friends and filmmakers alike...Regardless of which films were first-place winners, the event itself teemed with a refreshing sense of feminist liberalism, demonstrating just how powerful these women directors and screenwriters are."
Danny Dyer - The Daily Aztec
"Women filmmakers face plenty of obstacles trying to break into the mainstream industry. But if you are a female experimental filmmaker you face even more. Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival, tries to carve out a space for those filmmakers."
Beth Accomando - KPBS
"As Hollywood continues to grapple with its gender wage gap and lack of diversity both on screen and off... Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival is exploring innovative ways to redefine the representation of women in cinema... dedicated to stories — and storytellers — who break the mold"
Eva Recinos - The Argonaut
"The emotion through the unspoken nature of a lot of the featured works ... spoke volumes to me. They exemplified that the images and music of media are equally powerful storytelling devices that transcend language and conventional film structure. LEFUFF completely took me by surprise and educated me in ways I would have never expected. Being the first travelling underground film festival, I am beyond excited that they get to take this program and its mission to various places, because I think everyone needs the occasional break from normality and conventional art."
Kaytra Parkman - Ms In the Biz


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