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les femmes underground international film festival

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Digital Gym Media Arts Center San Diego

Sept 2nd, 2017


2921 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92104

Media Art Center San Diego (MACSD) grew out of the expansion of the San Diego Latino Film Festival (SDLFF), which originated in 1993. Incorporated in 1999, Founder and Executive Director Ethan van Thillo has grown the organization from a festival to a mid-size organization with diverse state-wide programs and services for residents, visitors, and independent and amateur filmmakers.


MACSD’s Programming Philosophy is based on the organization’s founding vision: to challenge the historical exclusion of under-represented communities from the media arts field, and distorted images of these communities by mainstream media. The organization’s annual film festival introduces San Diego audiences to contemporary U.S-Latino and Latin American cinema that is otherwise unavailable.


Showcases for LGBTQ and filmmakers, Jewish-Latino filmmakers, women filmmakers, a youth media showcase and others address film artists and audiences that often are often marginalized. Educational, creative and production oriented programs reach underserved youth, and residents while providing MACSD with opportunities for community-based collaborations and the ability to fulfill our mission.


Metered parking on El Cajon Blvd.

Street parking on Kansas &/or 30th St.

Jury for 2017

San Diego Asian Film

Festival Programmer

San Diego Italian Film

Festival Programmer

Horrible Imaginings Film 

Festival Programmer

Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles Social Media Manager, Film Critic, and Filmmaker

Seed & Spark Crowd

Funding Specialist

Digital Gym

Schedule of Film Program & Events

 Immerse yourself in Fourth Wave feminism!

We invite you to join us as we premier our Second Annual Festival at the Digital Gym Cinema in San Diego. Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival (LEFUFF) is the ONLY travelling festival that showcases exclusively feminist experimental art and narrative work.

Let us lead you into the underground world of feminist inter-sectional art, music, and celluloid fantasies. LEFUFF invites you to take a cinematic adventure that destroys the meaning of mundane with its unique programming. Les Femmes Underground International film festival features films from over 30 different countries ranging in genres from Documentary, Experimental, Narrative, Horror, Female Sexuality, and our own concoction Psychotropic.

This particular programming will merge women using occult ideology and notions of the phrase, “witch” as a way to indoctrinate equality, independence, and empowerment.

Spellbinding is guaranteed!


Kick off the evening with the glamorous Red Carpet Event. Get your picture taken against our festival backdrop and network before the evening festivities.  Grab  a complementary cocktail or two prior to our event. Check out local artist exhibits and vendors on the historic North Park Strip. 

*** First 50 people get exclusive LEFUFF grab bags.


Crowd Funding Specialist : Gerry Maravilla

Seed&Spark is a new model for entertainment that combines the convenience and awesomeness of subscription streaming for audiences with the career-building power of crowdfunding for creators. Their mission is to create an entertainment landscape that reflects what society actually looks like. They are based in Los Angeles, with outposts in New York and Chicago.

Seed&Spark recently launched The Hometown Heroes Rally, which invites filmmakers from across the country to bring diverse stories rooted in real communities to the screen. Up to 5 winners will have their narrative feature executive produced by the Duplass Brothers and receive up to $25,000 in cash for production.

SHOWCASE A - 3:00pm-4:00pm

SHOWCASE A.1 social deviance 

(documentary film)

Guest Judge: Cynthia Kashiwagi

San Diego Asian Film Festival

Killing Us Softly- Candy Royalle and the Freed Radicals


‘Killing US Softly’ is a mirror held up to humanity - it points out our ugliest, greediest and most idiotic ways. It is a chant, a protest rally, a wake up call to the people, and a reminder that we still have the power to take back what they are taking from us. (05:00)

BrujasLindsey Hagen & Miles Joris-Peyrafitte

United States

"Brujas" is an urban, free-form, creative and autonomous organization that seeks to build radical political coalition through youth culture. This group of minority female skaters express community through skateboarding, art and political organizing. This NYC collective has created a nationwide following inspiring change makers, creatives and skaters alike to come together in solidarity to exercise their freedom of expression. ​ (06:48)

Troll: a Southern Tale - Marinah Janello

United States

An eccentric musician/filmmaker navigates self expression based on his experiences living and growing up in the South. (11:42)

Primary Colours - Roua Aljied, Emily Ramsay, & Derek Price


A cinepoem by Sudanese-Canadian spoken word artist Roua Aljied, aka Philosi-fire, about the realities of domestic violence and how each step a woman takes is a new colour to paint on the canvass of her life. This story is based on all too familiar statistics and is a raw and honest call to arms by an activist who will not be silenced. (03:16)

Names of Women -  Poppy Liu & Amanda Madden

United States

Names of Women is a short film based on a true abortion story from the point of view of a woman who has gone through it. It is the complex, nuanced, spiritual, human side of the abortion story. It is the feminine telling of an abortion story. (12:42)

Showcase A.1
Showcase A.2


Nurturing The Goddess Within

Holistic Wellness

Healing by Adriana is a practice focused on restorative massage for overall health and relaxation.Whether you're seeking relief from acute or chronic pain, Adriana will outline a detailed treatment plan to help you achieve optimum body wellness. 
Adriana also offers reiki and hypnosis for restoring the emotions and spirit. Call us today and let us part of your journey to wellness.

Cheryl Agustin 

Based in LA. Creator, collector, & lover of all things bizarre & beautiful. Aspires to create art in all its forms & transform into a crazy cat lady.

The Troubled Type

HandLettering + Typography + Calligraphy ✒️Finding Beauty in the Ugly 💌DM your troubles & we'll transform them into art 💀🌸



Guest Judge: So Yun Um

Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles Social Media Manager, Film Critic, and Filmmaker


*** The programming that follows contains adult material such as nudity, suggestive content, and language not suitable for individuals under the age of 17… unless you’re okay with your kids watching mature material… then we cannot judge you.

Let is all Hair Out - Sam Gurry

United States

Sights - hair hair hair. Sound - the losers "street drummer" via FMA (00:34)

Pornoauguri - Martina Scarpelli


An erotic animation exploring sexuality and the female reproductive system .  (1:46)

Instantaneous Culture  - Elly Clarke


Instantaneous Culture is a ballad about love in a time of mobile phones, about wanting, longing, desiring but not really getting. Talk and communication versus action, song versus stillness and some great lingerie to go with it.   (2:31)

Sherry  - Eliane Lima

United States

Sherry is an experimental documentary film which witnesses the private life of Robert, a 75 years old gentleman from Orange County. Every day, Robert transforms himself into a living doll, Sherry.  (24:00)

Cosmoetico - Martina Scarpelli


What was it like, before the birth of the universe? Does reality exists just because we are able to perceive it? A girl searches for an answer to the big questions.  (4:46)

Amo - Alex Gargot


An android programmer obsessed with replicating human anatomy and intelligence will be led to the darkest corners of his own mind by Mia, his domestic companion android.  (17:00)

Serpentine - Bronwyn Maloney

United States

'Serpentine' follows a young woman through a moment of self-realization. In the midst of reflective fantasy, her thoughts of herself arouse a surreal exploration of sensuality, self-esteem, and deeply rooted fears. (2:02)

Humanoid - Ekaterina Stashevskaya

Moscow, Russian Federation

A sixteen-year-old teenage girl invented a humanoid for her lonely mother to make their family full and happy. However, the girl diagnosed problems in a program of a robot and everything went wrong.(16:01)

River of Blood - Leila Jarman

United States

River of blood is high art conceptual music video that with imagery laced with femininity: flowers, watermelons, eggs, the female form. There are moments of intimacy and moments of struggle with the main character against herself and her environments. (3:03)

SHOWCASE A - 4:15pm-5:15pm




Guest Judge: Gerry Maravilla

Seed & Spark Head of Crowdfunding

Tough LuckJamie Wolfe

United States        

Short and sweet , the oddly humorous loops of animation show Jamie’s offbeat psychedelic/surreal style made for artist Sneaks AKA Eva Moolchan. (01:31)

Two - Carolina Mandia

United States

Painted on film. (00:53)

Move MountainKirsten Lepore

United States

A girl journeys through a vibrant, pulsing, macrocosmic landscape, but a precipitous incident compels her to venture up a mountain in an attempt to save herself. A story about illness, perseverance, and our connection to everything around us. ​ (10:56)

Simultaneous Occurrence of Contradictory EffectsAmia Yokoyama

United States

A science-fiction inspired animated film that probes the dynamic between human, parasite and cure. An obsession to collate pressure between two touches. Mind watering and mouth wandering, it seeps into a liminal space where corporeal realities collapse on themselves. ​ (07:28)

ErasureBirgitta Hosea

United Kingdom

Based on the filmmaker’s own early experiences of working as a cleaner, this experimental animation uses repetitive actions and the textures of ink, bleach and other cleaning products to re-animate the labour of domestic work performed over and over by many generations of women, but then forgotten and taken for granted. (03:00)

TomatoCaitlin Craggs

United States

A juicy moving picture about words, history and a beloved, oft overlooked fruit. Tomatois the first in a series of bite-sized, visually punny films that reconsider some of the most humble and ubiquitous foods on our plate— the ways we define and consume them, and also how those foods might be defining us. ​ (02:43)

ManspreadingRachel Ara

United Kingdom 

In 2015 the word "Manspreading" was officially entered into the English Dictionary.

This is a lighthearted animated take on the word from the London Underground. (01:00)

Until Dawn - Kaylee SooHyun Lee

United States 

A woman relives the horror of her lover's death until she is awoke by the stark reality of passing time. A short animation about death, grief, and closure. Animated with charcoal.​ (04:44)

Phosphena - Maya Erdelyi

United States

A cut-paper hybrid animation inspired by ‘phosphenes:’ an “entoptic phenomenon characterized by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye.” Loosely inspired by the bowerbird and its constructions--the animation is a tale of love, deception, and tragedy. (4:04)

Reshet - Rachel Gutgarts 


A short, abstract, experimental music analysis made with silk screen prints. Every 30 frames are printed in a grid formation on a3 paper, then scanned and cut to their original form as a running, 25 fps, animation. Original music by Shaun Shar-Lev.  ​ (01:30)

Tangerine - Jaclyn Goldstein

United Kingdom

Cut out animation.  ​ (00:24)

Unpainted Women - Kathy Rose

United States

Part Fantastic Voyage, part celebration of my younger self, this is a finely crafted jewel in which I am looking for those who are not immune to splendor. Reality is both harsh and wondrous. I am trying to circumvent it all. ​ (04:19)

​​​​​​​SHOWCASE B - 7:30pm-10:00pm


Guest Judge: Christine Schindel

Horrible imaginings Programmer

Short Cut -  Prano Bailey-Bond

United Kingdom

A blood splattered tale of karma. Bad boyfriend, sleeping girlfriend, fast car, full moon. When Kurt takes a shortcut he enters a supernatural realm and is forced to sacrifice a little piece of himself.  (5:00)

Hard Times -  Ibba Armancas

United States

Shay, the happy-go-lucky last woman on earth, thinks the end of the world is great. She can do, eat, and wear whatever she wants. In fact, the only downside she’s noticed is that the apocalypse makes it hard to get laid. So when she stumbles upon a zombie-infested sex shop, she’s willing to take on its Mean Girls-esque undead horde if it means getting her satisfaction.  (10:30)

Brainless Killers -  Ren Thackham


Brainless Killers confronts humans with a question, if we were farmed and hunted like animals are, how would we feel about it? Set in a world of zombies you've like nothing you've seen before, created by the Academy Award winning make up team that brought you Mad Max Fury Road, Brainless Killers follows two journalists on a journey through Zombridge and they get a lot more than they bargained for. (17:55)

Glenda - Puppett

United States

A re-imagining of Twin Peaks ”25 years later." Lucy’s daughter Glenda searches for answers in her mother's mysterious hometown. She meets the Log Lady’s daughter and other mysterious residents of Twin Peaks. (5:00)

Sacrifice -  Elena Passani

United Kingdom

Morgan Woods is a young nurse caught in a struggle between the world of medicine and magic. Her mother is dying but as a witch she refuses medical care, insisting that magic is the only thing that will cure her. When their attempts to heal her fail, her mother demands Morgan to perform a sacrifice to save her.  (20:02)

Light Thief-  Eva Daoud

United Kingdom

When the essence of Love is snatched from someone and locked away in a vessel with no name what happens to those persons and how do they change? How can the broken hearted souls break that curse and recover from their pain? Can they regain their spark by overcoming dark supernatural forces?.  (19:00)

SHOWCASE A 5:15pm-6:15pm



 Guest Judge: Diana Agostini

San Diego Italian Film Festival

Quetzal - Irene Marco


Quetzal is a coming of age film about a young boy who is sent into the jungle to catch the bird that represents the essence of his tribe and step into adulthood. Fearfully, he sets himself into a journey of self-discovery, understanding and forgiveness when he accidentally shoots a birdwatcher. (24:00)

Dian -  Tamara Shogaolu


Unable to conceive a child, a desperate woman turns to dark magic to save her marriage—and her position in a traditional Javanese villa   (19:00)

Iris - Gabrielle Demers


Emanuelle is training on her stationary bike but she can't get her mind 
off the image of Laura. The more she pedals, the more her memories 
turn to desire. (9:52)

La Madre Buena- Sarah Clift


A Mexican mother embarks upon an epic journey across land and through her politics, to find her son's birthday request, - a Donald Trump piñata. (5:36)

Showcase B.1
Showcase B.2
Showcase A.3

RECEPTION - 6:00pm-7:30pm

Drinks, hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, desserts

PLAG Presents Musical Guests

Iress + Spare Parts for Broken Hearts

We are getting catered by Rancho’s Cocina!

They are known for their vast selection of Vegetarian and Vegan Mexican dishes.  Come surround yourself with beautiful Mexican decor and music of the Gypsy Kings, while eating quality and healthy food. 


Kelly Jean Karam - Screen Play: Brew Master

Kelly Jean Karam is an emerging talent whose screenplays have won high acclaim from multiple industry sources including Best Script Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival, 2017; Best Horror and Original Concept Depth Of Field Film Festival, 2017; Best Feature Script California Women's Film Festival, 2016; Winner Best Feature Chicago Horror Film Festival, 2016; Winner Best Script Los Angeles Film & Script Festival, 2016; Best Thriller Feature Haunted Horror, 2016; Best Short Los Angeles Film Awards 2016; Best Script MINDFIELD, 2016; Best Feature Genre Celebration Festival, 2016; Official Finalist Atlas Awards, 2016; Remi-Award WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, 2016; Finalist Beverly Hills Screenplay, 2016; Winner Best Screenplay Peachtree Village International Film Festival, Atlanta, 2015. And Top-Listed The Black List.

Tiffany Rhodes - Screen Play: Naked in the Dog Park

Tiffany Rhodes is a San Francisco Bay Area Native born May 5, 1982. Her first comedy feature screenplay NAKED IN THE DOG PARK is an official selection in several festivals awaiting final judging. In 2016 she created a documentary, BELIEVERS which follows Rhodes as she explores exotic spiritualism.  She co-directed and produced this film that is now in contract to be optioned for a tv series. BELIEVERS won Finalist Best Documentary 2017 in the Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival and Semi Finalist 2017 in Cinefest LA.


Before Rhodes was a filmmaker she worked in the corporate world for almost a decade. Regarded as a creative manager she has built teams, opened new locations and mentored staff. With her passion in the arts she transformed standard corporate trainings into live theater. Her leadership skills stems from her ability to tell stories further inspiring her employees to want to be a part of something bigger. In 2012, she retired from the corporate world and became a wife, a mother and a writer.

Screen Play Winners
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